We Bring New Residents To Your Business & Help You Grow!

Did you know you can lose up to 25% of your customer base each year due to relocation alone? Factor in additional losses from aggressive competition, and your total customer base could shrink up to 50% annually. While many people move away, many more are moving in. Hawaii's population is growing.  Meet Greet Aloha can help your business reach out to new residents to capture your share of the market, gaining long-term, loyal customers.

Why Are New Homebuyers the Best Prospects for Growing Your Business?

  • They’re optimistic, credit-worthy, powerful spenders regardless of economic conditions
  • Spend 60% more on household purchases in the first year than non-movers 
  • In total, spend approximately $170 billion annually on move-related goods & services
  • Make most of their buying decisions within the first 90 days after move-in
  • Spend more in the first three months than their established neighbors spend in two years
  • Have no existing buying loyalties & are receptive to trying new products and services 
  • They’re 5x more likely to become long-term customers as compared to existing residents

Why Meet Greet Aloha?

Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the most powerful form of advertising. We get there first and in-person, ahead of your competition to influence their buying behavior at a critical time in their decision-making process. Track results easily with monthly prospect lists. Cost-effective and targeted to your demographics.  Meet Greet Aloha will customize a direct and target marketing program just for you.

Which Markets Do You Target?

You may choose to have your business represented in various communities.

What Is The Cost To Participate?

The investment for a business or professional service is $5.00 per basket visit. 

How Do I Track Results?

Our merchants receive a detailed prospect (data) list once a month of all the new residents we visit. This list may include the name, address, phone, email, sub-division, pets and children (when available). This list may be used to track new business, cross reference new customers or as a marketing database for ongoing business development. 

Our Commitment is to help grow your business. Ask how we can help maximize your exposure through Social Media, Email Marketing, Business Announcements and Events. 

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be In Our Basket!

1. Every month, we personally introduce new residents (most active spenders) to your business by welcoming them with a FREE  Gift of Aloha housewarming gift basket stuffed full of goodies.

2. We build your customer list with hot new leads monthly giving you names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of everyone we visit.

3. We GUARANTEE your business will get attention as a result of delivery of our gift of aloha baskets.

4. We make tracking your results easy by providing you with monthly data driven delivery reports.

5. We will customize a campaign to fit your needs.

6. We provide consistent long term advertising online and offline at no extra cost through social media, events, etc.

7. We facilitate more meaningful follow-up with our exclusive intelligent database.

8. We get there first in-person, ahead of your competition.

9. Laser targeted prospects who are the most spenders in your market.

10. Word of mouth is the most cost effective form of advertising; we bring new residents to your business.

If you are a business interested in a direct and target marketing program that is measurable, trackable, and guaranteed with no long term commitment, click the button below for a free consultation!